Student Travel Award

Student Travel Awards

Every 18 months CLAG helps fund student travel to CLAG meetings. Funds are limited and are not intended to fund the total cost of travel, and might vary year to year, but in the past have amounted to approximately 4-6 awards of around $400 to $600 each.

Award Criteria:

  • Students must be members of CLAG, and must attend the CLAG meeting to receive the award: though the award can be provided in advance of travel, canceled travel for whatever reason would require a refund of the award.
  • Students will submit (1) a cover letter explaining their financial need and other sources of funding, and (2) a 1,000 word essay (approximately 4 double-spaced pages) that summarizes the research that will be presented at the CLAG meeting.
  • The deadline for receipt of this material will be approximately 5 months before the conference date, but not necessarily before the close of the CFP.

An announcement will be made on the CLAGnet listserv and therein contain instructions to whom the letter and essay should be sent.