Preston E. James Eminent Latin Americanist Career Award

The Preston E. James Eminent Latin Americanist Career Award is given in recognition of a life-time achievement towards the understanding of the geography of Latin America. Recipients will have strong career-long research contributions that build on the solid foundations of academic Latin American geography, or that have impacts beyond academia in the forms of policy implications and/or education to a broader audience.


2020 Gregory Knapp
2018 W. George Lovell
2017 Linda Newson
2016 Dan Arreola
2015 Billie Turner II
2014 William Doolittle
2013 Pedro P. Geiger
2012 Roberto Lobato Corrêa
2011 Hilgard O’Reilly Sternberg
2010 Marie Price
2008 Lydia Pulsipher
2007 Robert Kent
2006 Horacio Capel Saez
2003 Gary Elbow
2002 Karl W. Butzer
2001 William V. Davidson
2000 Bernard Q. Nietschmann
1999 David A. Preston
1998 Carl Johannessen

1997 Clarissa T. Kimber
1996 Gerhard Sandner
1995 Cesar Caviedes
1994 Joshua C. Dickinson
1993 Daniel W. Gade
1992 Angel Bassols Batalla
1991 David J. Robinson
1990 Clarence W. Minkel
1989 Dan Stanislawski
1987 Raymond E. Crist
1986 Clarence F. Jones
1985 Oscar Horst
1984 Paul Yves-Denis
1983 William M. Denevan
1982 John C. Augelli
1980 Robert C. West
1978 James J. Parsons
1977 Preston E. James