Carl O. Sauer Distinguished Scholarship Award

The Carl O. Sauer Distinguished Scholarship Award is given in recognition for a corpus of important published work or other significant contribution towards Latin American geography. Recipients will be scholars who are leading authorities in specific research topics and geographic areas of Latin America. Recipients could also be scholars whose research has made significant advancements towards fostering understanding of Latin America to a broader audience.


2020 Kent Mathewson
2020 Kendra McSweeney
2018 Nicholas P. Dunning
2017 Andrew Sluyter
2016 Tim Beach
2015 Diana Liverman
2014 Anthony Bebbington
2013 Susanna Hecht
2012 Judith Carney
2011 David J. Robinson
2010 Oliver Coomes
2008 Sarah Radcliffe
2007 Thomas Klak
2006 William Woods
2004 Joe Scarpaci

2003 Daniel D. Arreola
2002 Sally P. Horn
2001 Ray Bromley
2000 Thomas T.Veblen
1999 Bonham C. Richardson
1996 Karl W. Butzer
1995 George Lovell
1994 William E. Doolittle
1993 Alan Gilbert
1992 Alfred H. Siemens
1991 Linda Newson
1990 Campbell W. Pennington
1989 Peter M. Ward
1988 Karl Zimmerer
1987 Levi Marrero
1986 Billie Lee Turner II