Student Travel Award Recipients

The Conference of Latin American Geographers provides CLAG Travel Awards to support student travel to our upcoming conference.



Laura Blume, Boston University
“Narco Robin Hoods: Community Support for Illicit Economies and Violence in Rural Spaces”.
Supervisor: Taylor Boas.

Jordan Cissell, University of Alabama
“Human Landscape Modification in Belize: Possible Implications for Crocodile Hybridization”.
Supervisor: Michael K. Steinberg.

Hannah Legatzke, University of Minnesota
“The Social Equity of Community-based Ecotourism and its Impacts on Livelihood Strategy and Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study in the Maya Biosphere”.
Supervisor: Dean A. Current.

Anais Zimmer, University of Texas at Austin
“Future of Proglacial Landscape: Alpine Ecosystems and Deglaciation in the Tropical Andes and French Alps”.
Supervisor: Timothy Beach.


Mckenzie Allan , George Washinton University
“Occupying Porteño Public Space Through Art and Protest: Identifying Narratives of Gender in Buenos Aires’ Street Art and Feminist Movement”
Supervisor: Declan Cullen and Marie Price.

Talia Anderson , University of Arizona
“Multiscale Trends and Precipitation Extremes in the Central American Midsummer Drought”.
Supervisor: Kevin Anchukaitis.

David Poissant , McGill
“Regulating Access to Floodplain Lakes in the Peruvian Amazon”.
Supervisor: Oliver T. Coomes.

Nathan Treacy , University of Arizona
“Counter-Geographies of Displacement and Resettlement in the Era of Neoliberal Multiculturalism”.
Supervisor: Elizabeth Oglesby.


Beth Tellman, Arizona State University
“An empirical approach to quantify the effects of narcotrafficking on deforestation in Central America”

Megan Mills-Novoa, University of Arizona
“Making Agricultural Entrepreneurs out of Campesinos: How water policy reform is reshaping agricultural systems under climate change in Piura, Peru”

Cristina Gauthier, Michigan State University
“Hydroelectric Infrastructure and Potential Groundwater Contamination in the Brazilian Amazon: Altamira and The Belo Monte Dam”

Sophie Fuchs, University of Texas at Austin
“Exploitation or Empowerment?: A Case Study of Women’s Experiences in the Cut-Flower Industry in Cayambe, Ecuador”

Dayna Cueva Alegria, University Kentucky,
“Is Cafe Femenino Fair Trade coffee enough for development?”

Katherine Cann, George Washington University
“Understanding and Uniting Diverse Stakeholder Interests Towards Successful Co-Management of a Coastal/Marine Protected Area in Panama”

Jennifer Langill, University of Toronto
“Coping with the Variability of Environmental Shock: The Implications of Four Flood Types for Local Livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon”


Alexandra Pederson, Queen’s University
“Landscapes of Resistance: Community Opposition to Canadian Mining Operations in Guatemala”

Natasha Sadoff, The Ohio State University
“Hyper-development and Environmental Injustice in Panama City”


Anne-Marie Hanson, University of Arizona
“Unclean and Unnatural: garbage networks, conservation space, and sanitary subjects in coastal Yucatán.”
Advisor: Sarah Moore

Rebecca Clouser, Indiana University
“Facing Fear: Explicit Connections between Fear and Development in Guatemala”
Advisor: James Biles


Karina Benessaiah, Arizona State University
“We are all into shrimp”: Small-scale aquaculture and coastal livelihoods in Puerto Morazán, Estero Real, Nicaragua”
Advisor: B. L. Turner II

Christopher Hartmann, Ohio State University
“Uneven Urban Spaces: The Metabolism of Managua’s Solid Waste”
Advisor: Kendra McSweeney


Jason Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara.
“How does migration to the U.S. and the resultant remittances influence fertility in migrant-sending Central American households?”
Advisor: David Carr

Richard Hunter, Louisiana State University
“Positionality, Perception, and Possibility in Mexico’s Valle de Mezquital”
Advisor: Andrew Sluyter