Ideas cambiantes sobre territorio, recursos y redes políticas en la Amazonía indígena: un estudio de caso sobre Perú

Diego B. Leal, David S. Salisbury, Josué Faquín Fernández, Lizardo Cauper Pezo, & Julio Silva

The titling of territory was the principal objective of the Peruvian Amazon’s indigenous political movement over the past four decades. Despite more than eighty communities in the Ucayali region still without legal title, the regional indigenous movement increasingly focuses on strengthening governance over already titled territory. We explore a growing emphasis on forestry production in the discourse of indigenous rights in Ucayali. Networks of indigenous leaders have produced environmental discourses to forge new relationships between their communities and Ucayali’s extractive economy. Our analysis of eighty interviews and testimonies of indigenous leaders and community members demonstrates the value of exploring resource management in titled territories to inform current agendas for untitled communities. Natural resource extraction from the forests and waterways of indigenous communities creates much of the conflict over indigenous land titling.

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