The Conference of Latin American Geography currently maintains two publications and a book series:

The Journal of Latin American Geography (JLAG) is the flagship journal of CLAG. JLAG publishes original geographical and interdisciplinary research on Latin America and the Caribbean. The University of Texas Press distributes the three issues of the Journal each year, normally in March, June and October. The Journal is published by the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers (CLAG), established in 1970 to foster geographic education and research on Latin America through conferences and publications. The Journal of Latin American Geography will continue and expand the tradition of the annual CLAG Yearbook which has published a selection of papers by geographers and other scholars for more than 20 years. The editors work with an international editorial board to promote the publication of original, high quality, and anonymously refereed manuscripts that represent the broad spectrum of geographic perspectives on and from the region. Papers are accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. and publishes original geographical and interdisciplinary research on Latin America and the Caribbean.

The CLAG/LASG Newsletter is a bi-annual publication which is open to contributions from all CLAG members. Typically the newsletter is published in January and June of each year. Calls for contributions are made through the CLAGnet listserv several weeks before publication.

The CLAG Book Series is comprised of a collaboration with Springer from 2015-2021 through which titles were published under the “Springer Briefs in Latin American Studies” and “The Latin American Studies Book Series.”

Between 1971 and 2002, CLAG published an annual series of volumes that changed title from the Proceedings (1971–1983, volumes 8–9) to the Yearbook (1984–2002, volumes 10–27). The Proceedings focused on publishing conference papers and sometimes abstracts. The Yearbook published peer-reviewed articles, some of which originated as conference papers. Included in the Proceedings and Yearbook, four decadal Benchmark volumes set out the state of the field through reviews of its subfields and central research problems, each of them published a year or two after the nominal year of its title: Benchmark 1970, Benchmark 1980, Benchmark 1990, and Latin America in the 21st Century. As an all-volunteer organization, sometimes a year went by with no annual volume, while other years had two volumes or, in one case, a double volume.

Visit the following pages to access prior Conference of Latin American Geography’s publications (originally as the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers):