Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can be a member of CLAG?

Any faculty member or graduate student interested in the manifold geographical aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. What is the relationship between CLAG and LASG?

Friends, but quite separate. LASG is the Latin American Specialty Group of the AAG, CLAG is an independent NGO.

3. Are the subscriptions separate?

Yes, they are totally separate. To join the AAG, go to AAG membership and then register for LASG (cost $5; $1 for students).

4. What is JLAG?

It is the Journal of Latin American Geography.

5. What does it cost to subscribe to JLAG?

Go to the UT Press site to find out; CLAG membership is included in the subscription to JLAG.

6. Who is in charge of CLAG?

Go to this page to see the CLAG Board Officers.

7. How can I tell if I am a fully paid-up member of CLAG?

Contact the University of Texas Press Journals Customer Service.

Any change of mailing address or e-mail must be reported to the UT Press Journals Customer Service promptly.

8. Does the subscription to CLAG mean that I shall receive copies of JLAG?

Yes, CLAG's subscription includes JLAG and the CLAG Newsletter.

9. How shall I receive copies of JLAG?

Copies will be mailed to you, normally in March and September.

10. How do I access JLAG online?

Go to Project MUSE to download content of JLAG (you or your institution must be a subscriber to their service to gain access).

11. Who do I contact to find out about the upcoming conference?

For the 2020 conference in Antigua, Guatemala, contact Matthew Taylor.

12. What are the steps in proposing a site for a CLAG conference?

In the first instance contact the Chair of the Board of Directors.