Procesos participativos intramunicipales como pasos hacia la gobernanza local en territorios periurbanos. La experiencia en el municipio de Tarímbaro, Michoacán, México

Lorena Poncela, Antonio Vieyra, & Yadira Méndez-Lemus

Urban sprawl on the periphery of cities generates new dynamic and heterogeneous peri-urban spaces. The municipality of Tarimbaro, Michoacán, has experienced rapid urbanization resulting from the expansion of Morelia, the neighboring midium-size city. This has provoked a significant reduction of agricultural systems and environmental and social impacts. Due to this, management capacities of local government have been exceeded, thus promoting institutional capacity building is a priority. This study proposes to do so through participatory intra-municipal processes. For this, participatory mapping was undertaken with local government actors to locate changes caused by urbanization. Priority areas in the territory and social capital among participants were identified. The method contributes positively to the process of local governance by supporting the capacity building of a government with these characteristics.