Geographic Research on Latin America: Benchmark 1970

Edited by: Barry Lentnek, Robert Carmin, & Tom Martinson

Benchmark 1970


Robert L. Carmin, Tom Martinson & Barry Lentnek, pp. ii-v

Opening Presentation

Aboriginal & Peasant Cultures

Commercial & Primary Activities

Commercial Agriculture

Edmund E. Hagen, Don R. Hoy, and Ernst Griffin, pp. 182-208

Latin America in the 1960s: The Geography of Minerals

Clarence W. Minkel, pp. 209-214

Research on Forests and Man in Latin Americas

Joshua C. Dickinson III, pp. 215-219

Physical Geography

Urban, Transportation & Industrial Geography

Spatial Factors in Development Planning

Mapping Spatial Factors for Development Planning

Richard P. Momsen, Jr., pp. 397-401

Basic Issues in the Process of Development in Latin America

Harold T. Jorgenson, pp. 402-411

Quasi-Economic Political Units in Latin America

Edward Marasciulo, pp. 412-414