2014 Award Recipients

Student Paper Awards ($1,000 each):
Alexandra Pederson, PhD Candidate, Human Geography, Queen's University (Email);
“Landscapes of Resistance: Community Opposition to Canadian Mining Operations in Guatemala”

Natasha Sadoff, M.A. student, Department of Geography, The Ohio State University (Email)
“Hyper-development and Environmental Injustice in Panama City”

Preston E. James Eminent Latin Americanist Career Award:
-Given in recognition of a life-time achievement towards the understanding of the geography of Latin America.

2013 Preston E. James Eminent Latin Americanist Career Award:
Pedro P. Geiger, Professor Visitante, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Professor Geiger worked for more than 40 years at the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística, and has held positions at universities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Dr. Geiger’s many publications include articles on Brazil’s position in the globalized world, and earlier papers on industrial location, urbanization, and Brazil’s regions, in addition to books on Brazil’s geography.

2014 Preston E. James Eminent Latin Americanist Career Award:
William E. Doolittle, Erich W. Zimmermann Regents Professor in Geography, University of Texas at Austin (Email)

Carl O. Sauer Distinguished Scholarship Award:
-Given in recognition for a corpus of important published work or other significant contribution towards Latin American geography.

2014 Carl O. Sauer Distinguished Scholarship Award:
Sussana Hecht, Professor of Urban Planning in the Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA (Email)

2014 Carl O. Sauer Distinguished Scholarship Award:
Anthony Bebbington, Higgins Professor of Environment and Society, Professor of Geography, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University (Email)

Enlaces Award:
-Given in recognition of contributions to improving relationships between geographers and geography departments throughout Latin America.

Jose Omar Moncada Maya, Director del Instituto de Geografía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Email)
Dr. Moncada Maya’s research interests include Historical Geography, History of Geographic Thought, and History of Geography in Mexico. He is the author or co-author of 12 books, 39 articles, and 40 book chapters, and was a key figure in the production of La Cartografía Mexicana del Siglo XIX: Antecedentes, Estudios e Inventarios. He has advised six M.S. and seven PhD theses.