Suggested Committee Goals

Honors Committee

  • Nominate individuals for CLAG awards as appropriate; awards usually are presented at CLAG meeting banquets, so two years' awards may need to be bundled in a single meeting.
  • Develop a procedure for producing attractive award certificates.

Membership Committee

  • Develop strategies to increase membership, especially internationally.
  • Seek out funding sources for international travel to CLAG meetings.
  • Nominate new persons for Board positions.

Program Committee

  • Develop the next Meeting with the cooperation of the Executive Director.

Publications Committee

  • Evaluate the production of the Journal of Latin American Geography.
  • Develop additional publications.
  • Develop membership recruitment flyers.
  • Brainstorm innovations for the CLAG Newsletter.

Teaching Committee

  • Explore ways that CLAG may help with the teaching of Latin American geography and environmental studies in high schools and elementary schools.

Research Committee

  • Provide information for the CLAG Newsletter on grant and research opportunities available for Latin Americanist geographers.