Premio “Graduate Student Field Study”

2013 Premio Ph. D. "Bernard Nietschmann":
Gary LaVanchy, University of Denver
Water Resources and Tourism Development along the Western Coast of Nicaragua: A Political Ecology Perspective
Consejero: Matthew Taylor

2013 Premio Ph. D. "James J. Parsons":
Christopher Hartmann, Ohio State University
Governing Health and Managing Garbage in Managua, Nicaragua
Consejera: Becky Mansfield

2013 Premio Ph. D. "Robert B. West":
Teresa Bornschlegl, Clark University
Environmental Law Enforcement and the Possibilities for Socio-ecological Justice in the Hydro-carbon sector in Ecuador
Consejero: Anthony Bebbington

2013 Premio M. A. "William M. Denevan":
Richard Johnson, University of Arizona
Debt Landscapes: Migration, Loan Default, and Landuse Change in Rural Guatemala
Consejera: Elizabeth Oglesby

2013 Premio M. A. "Oscar Horst":
Lisa Green, Utah State University
Climate Change Vulnerability in Calakmul, Mexico
Consejera: Claudia Radel

2013 Premio M. A. "Clarissa Kimber":
Jared Van Ramshorst, San Diego State University
Spaces of Possibility: Transnational Networks in Oaxaca, Mexico
Consejero: Fernando Bosco

2012 Premio Ph. D. "Bernard Nietschmann":
Zoe Pearson, Ohio State State University
The War against Coca: Grounding the Impacts of Drug Control Policy in Bolivia
Reporte de Campo
Consejera: Kendra McSweeney

2012 Premio Ph. D. "James J. Parsons":
Alex Sphar, Clark University
Industrial Policy, Ideas, & Institutional Change in Brazil
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: James T. Murphy

2012 Premio Ph. D. "Robert B. West":
Tamara Elwell, University of California, Santa Barbara
Reconciling Marine Conservation with Livelihood Development
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: David López-Carr

2012 Premio M. A. "William M. Denevan":
Nikolai Alvarado, University of Denver
Impacts on Small-scale and Subsistance Fisheries of Tourism Development and Conservation Schemes
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Matthew Taylor

2012 Premio M. A. "Oscar Horst":
Catherine Jampel, Penn State University
How Bears become "problems": Understanding Human-Bear-Cattle Relations in the Northern Ecuadorian Andes
Reporte de Campo
Consejera: Melissa Wright

2012 Premio M. A. "Clarissa Kimber":
Niki von Hedemann, University of Arizona
Communities and Carbon: Evaluating Opportunity and Access in the Guatemalan Highlands
Reporte de Campo
Consejera: Tracey Osborne

2011 Premio Ph. D. "Bernard Nietschmann":
Adrienne Johnson, Clark University
Multi-stakeholder Institutions and the Governance of Sustainability: The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Ecuador
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Anthony Bebbington

2011 Premio Ph. D. "James J. Parsons":
Sean Tanner, Rutgers University
Projects and Progress: Becoming NGO client subjects in northern Guatemala
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Kevin St. Martin

2011 Premio M. A. "Oscar Horst":
Cheryl Hagevik, Appalachian State University
Mapping Bolivia's socio-political climate: Evaluation of multivariate strategies
Reporte de Campo
Consejeros: Christopher Badurek, Kathleen Schroeder

2010 Premio Ph. D.:
Emma Mullaney, Pennsylvania State University
The Contentious Politics of Corn: Conflicting Agro-Economic Narratives in Mexico's Central Highlands
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Karl Zimmerer

2010 Premio Ph. D.:
Manuel Prieto, The University of Arizona
The legal construction of water and the Atacameños of the Loa River Basin (Chile)
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Carl J. Bauer

2010 Premio M. A.:
Jessica Long, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Making ends meet: understanding spatial and economic aspects of forest dependence in indigenous Iquito communities in the Peruvian Amazon University
Reporte de Campo
Consejera: Lisa Naughton-Treves

2009 Premio Ph. D.:
David Tecklin, The University of Arizona
Private environmental governance in Chile: conflict and adaptive institution building for fish, forests and water
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Carl J. Bauer

2009 Premio M. A.:
Tamara Elwell, University of California, Santa Barbara
How has Fisheries Management Affected the Livelihoods of Artisanal Shellfish Harvesters in Chile's Lakes Region?
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Stuart Sweeney

2008 Premio Ph. D.:
Amy Lerner, University of California, Santa Barbara
Peri-urbanization in Central Mexico: Implications for rural household livelihoods and land-use
Reporte de Campo
Consejera: Hallie Eakin

2008 Premio M. A.:
Will Anderson, San Diego State University
Korean Transnational Migration to Guatemala: An Exploration of Maquila Connections, Social Exclusion, and Urban Insecurity
Reporte de Campo
Consejero: Fernando J. Bosco