Premio “Graduate Student Paper Travel”

2012 Anne-Marie Hanson, University of Arizona
"Unclean and Unnatural: garbage networks, conservation space, and sanitary subjects in coastal Yucatán."
Consejera: Sarah Moore

2012 Rebecca Clouser, Indiana University
"Facing Fear: Explicit Connections between Fear and Development in Guatemala"
Consejero: James Biles

2010 Karina Benessaiah, Arizona State University
"We are all into shrimp": Small-scale aquaculture and coastal livelihoods in Puerto Morazán, Estero Real, Nicaragua"
Consejero: B. L. Turner II

2010 Christopher Hartmann, Ohio State University
"Uneven Urban Spaces: The Metabolism of Managua's Solid Waste"
Consejera: Kendra McSweeney

2008 Jason Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara.
"How does migration to the U.S. and the resultant remittances influence fertility in migrant-sending Central American households?"
Consejero: David Carr

2008 Richard Hunter, Louisiana State University
"Positionality, Perception, and Possibility in Mexico's Valle de Mezquital"
Consejero: Andrew Sluyter